Investing in rural people



Urgent action on climate change needed for smallholder farmers

Rising sea levels, more frequent storms and droughts are devastating the lives of smallholder farmers. Sign IFAD's petition calling on participants at the UN Climate Summit in Paris to take action and invest in farmers in the developing world.

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Terra Madre Youth

Global youth: 'We feed the planet'

2,500 youth from 120 countries are gathering in Milan to answer one critical question raised at Expo 2015: How can we feed the planet in the future?

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Reducing poverty in Uganda through pig farming

IFAD's online video series presents new thinking on small-scale farming. This talk features Emma Naluyima, a veterinarian and pig breeder from Uganda, making the case that pork production can be an effective poverty reduction tool for smallholder farmers.

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United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015

Rural youth are world's largest untapped resource – IFAD President

IFAD President calls on developing countries to harness the potential of rural youth to help end hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition by 2030.

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It's about the people

As entrepreneurs and agents of change, rural people are critical to ending poverty, feeding the world and protecting the planet. Meet 12 inspiring rural men and women who are doing just that.

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Feature Story

"Water is critical to development," says IFAD expert

Over 1 billion people still lack access to safe water, and even more lack access to basic sanitation. IFAD takes a look at how water is critical to development.

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Feature Story

Celebrating International Youth Day 2015

Young rural people represent a significant portion of the agricultural workforce and play a major role in the development of rural areas. In honour of International Youth Day, we compiled the top five reasons IFAD invests in rural youth.

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Feature Story

Stewards of biodiversity adapt to a changing climate

An IFAD grant is helping farmers in Peru, Viet Nam and Zimbabwe develop capacities to manage biodiversity while adapting to climate change.

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Spotlight on climate and environment: Near East and North Africa

The Spotlight looks at some of the ways IFAD is investing in climate change adaptation measures in the region to ensure a thriving agricultural sector that is more resilient to climate change impacts like drought, extreme heat, sea level rise and floods.

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Press releases

UN agency head to highlight need for investment in smallholder agriculture at BRICS Agrobusiness Forum IFAD and CAF commit to reducing poverty and hunger in rural Latin America Ecuador: Proyectos de desarrollo rural promovidos por el FIDA suman US$ 119 millones

Speeches and statements

Statement by IFAD President at the International Day of Family Remittances Statement by IFAD Vice-President at the Astana Economic Forum - Food Security Panel Statement by IFAD President at the Ministerial Meeting of African LDCs "Structural Transformation, Graduation and the Post-2015 Development Agenda"

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Recent Video

The land and climate in northern Mozambique make it an agricultural goldmine and farmers should be making a lot of money selling their surplus produce. So why are most of them just scraping by? The key is to start thinking of farming as a business.