Investing in rural people

International Day of Biological Diversity

International Day of Biological Diversity

The role of biological diversity in sustainable development

The theme for this year's International Day of Biological Diversity highlights the important contribution biodiversity makes to sustainable development and particularly to smallholder farmer food production systems in rural areas in developing countries.

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A family that works together can overcome poverty

IFAD is hosting a special event on International Day of Families, highlighting the benefits of using its innovative technique known as Household Methodologies (HHMs) that addresses gender inequalities and underlying causes of low productivity.

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GC 2015


Expo Milano 2015: Feeding the planet, energy for life

The universal exposition running in Milan from May through October fosters a dialogue about global challenges involving nutrition and natural resources that are key for IFAD and its UN partners.

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The scope on fertilizer subsides

IFAD's online video series presents new thinking on small-scale farming. The latest talk features Nicole Mason, Assistant Professor at Michigan State University discussing fertilizer subsidies in Africa.

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The Arabspatial knowledge platform emerged as part of the IFAD-IFPRI partnership to promote open-access data and M&E tools for the Arab World


The power of knowledge

Arab Spatial, an interactive atlas, provides access to information that could help to reduce conflict and increase food security in the Middle East and North Africa.

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recipes for change


A taste of Senegal

IFAD's Recipes for Change campaign highlights traditional food culture and the threat that climate change poses to key ingredients – such as the onions used to make Poulet Yassa in Senegal.

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esa spotlight


Spotlight on climate and environment: East and Southern Africa

Rural farmers across East and Southern Africa are very susceptible to climate change and its impacts. IFAD is using climate finance, through its Adaptation to Smallholder Agriculture Programme (ASAP), to promote agricultural techniques and technologies that help protect these small farmers.

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Speeches and statements

Statement by IFAD Vice-President at the Astana Economic Forum - Food Security Panel Statement by IFAD Vice-President at the Opening of the 2015 Global Land Forum Opening remarks by IFAD President at the Introduction to emerging trends in mobilising concessional resources for IFIs and the importance of exchange of expertise Statement by IFAD President at the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) Statement by IFAD President at the International Women's Day 2015 Keynote address by IFAD President at the Gulf Forum to Enhance Food Security and Support Small and Medium Scale Farmers

Press releases

UN and government officials discuss China's rural development strategy post-2015 Event on evaluation of IFAD-financed rural development programme in Bangladesh World hunger falls to under 800 million, eradication is next goal IFAD Vice-President at the Astana Economic Forum highlights strong regional support Food and Nutrition Security Media Reporting Tour to Tajikistan Report

Job opportunities

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16-19 June

Global forum on remittances                              

17 June

Ad Hoc Working Group on Governance – 2nd meeting               

26 June

Evaluation Committee – 88th session               

30 June

Executive Board Informal Seminars                

Recent Video

Many Senegalese rely on expensive, imported food. But a simple idea of eating what you grow has changed the lives of 250,000 people. It has not only significantly reduced the hungry season, but it has also provided jobs for thousands of people.