Investing in rural people


Gender equality is a men's issue

To mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, a new episode of IFAD's online series is released. In this episode Philip Erick Otieno, the Executive Director of Men for Gender Equality Now argues for the importance of enlisting men in the support for gender justice.

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Eliminating violence against rural women

On International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, IFAD highlights the link between rural women, violence and food security.

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How climate change is impacting farmers in Kenya

Thousands of Kenyan farmers depend on seasonal rains to water their crops. With support from IFAD, farmers living on the slopes of East Mount are working together to conserve water resources by protecting rivers and planting trees.

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Building a better life for rural youth in El Salvador

As IFAD commemorates a 30-year partnership with El Salvador during 'IFAD Week' – we look at the challenges and opportunities faced by rural youth in the country.

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Charting a course to zero hunger

IFAD is gathering top evaluation experts to discuss how to measure and achieve ending hunger and achieving food security by 2030.Read more

Land & Water Days

Access to land and water critical for smallholder farmers

Understanding the close link between access to land and water is key to helping smallholder farmers adapt to climate change.Read more


Promoting gender equality and women's empowerment

IFAD's online video series presents new thinking on small-scale farming. In this talk, Clare Bishop Sambrook discusses how the motivation from a shared vision can transform gender inequality in poor rural households while also improving agricultural productivity. Read more


Indigenous peoples are on the frontlines of climate change and food insecurity

Listening to indigenous communities is key to preserving biodiversity and the environment, says IFAD expert. Read more


Urgent action on climate change needed for smallholder farmers

Sign IFAD's petition asking country negotiators to ensure that any climate change agreement made at COP21 does not leave out smallholder farmers.Read more



Spotlight on climate and environment: Near East and North Africa

Smallholder farmers are on the frontline of climate change. They are already feeling its drastic effects and the increases in climate shocks such as drought, extreme heat, sea level rise and floods are effecting livelihoods and yields. Read more


Press releases

The impact of what happens in a small African village can now be felt around the world, IFAD President tells meeting of Pope's encyclical on the environment Government of The Gambia and United Nations agency IFAD to review findings of evaluation of their country programme IFAD President commits support to Kenya's efforts to eradicate hunger and poverty by building smallholder farmers' resilience to climate change UN Building in Rome receives top environmental award

Speeches and statements

Statement by IFAD President Kanayo F. Nwanze at "Finance for Food: Investing in agriculture for a sustainable future" Statement by IFAD President Kanayo F. Nwanze at the World Food Day Lecture by IFAD President at the Russian Agrarian University

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10-11 November

IFAD at the Land & Water Days               

16 November

9th biannual Permanent Representatives meeting               

19 November

Audit Committee – 138th meeting                              

20 November

Law, Justice and Development Week 2015: Promoting good practices for agricultural investment

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Not that long ago on Zanzibar island, you would never have seen a woman earning her own income or making decisions in the home. Now, through education, women have found equality in their work, homes and communities.